Each time you change or save a new address, q.address automatically checks in the background whether it was done correctly. The following is checked:

  • Address check::
    • Do the postal code, city and street, if necessary additionally the house number or post box number, match?
    • Are the street name, postal code and city name up to date? Especially street names are frequent subject to change.


  • Name check::
    • Is the salutation correct? (Mr./Ms.)?
    • Is the name and surname correct and in the correct field?
    • Were titles handled correctly?


  • Duplicate check:
    • Does the address already exist?
    • Even though the contact person is new, does the company already exist?

In addition to new addresses, changed addresses must be checked too, as also with address changes new errors might slip in. It also happens that it is only now noticed that the changed address is already available (duplicates were not found before the changes, but afterwards the duplicate address can be detected). A check is not conducted if no field relevant for checks was changed. In the following you may see based on screenshots how to work with q.address in Mi-crosoft Dynamics CRM. In contrast, details on addresses- and name check are found here and for duplicate check here.

For logging of companies while saving a new or changed address q.address-checks are executed. Usually this happens in the background, which the user will not notice:

Only in case of errors additional dialogs are displayed. In the current example both red exclamation marks in the tabs “Address” and “Duplicate search” indi-cate errors in the address and a duplicate. Since the errors are too numerous (postal code, street name and street type), q.address does not correct them automatically. In fact corrections are suggested to the user (under “Search re-sults”), which can be approved by a simple click. (Naturally, you can decide how large the error tolerance should be, up to which q.address corrects automatically.) Please compare:

After approving the correct address the second tab (Duplicates) is opened, the red exclamation mark in the tab “Address” is replaced by a green tick mark. Ad-dresses similar to the address with the correction already exist. q.address dis-plays these duplicate candidates. Here the second candidate is selected:

To prevent your input from becoming useless, q.address allows in a few clicks to consolidate the newly entered information with the existing information (consolidation*). After approval this data is taken over in the existing address.

Entering Contacts

In the following it is shown how to enter a new contact person. The address contains errors in this example too (Street name and street type), but in this case they can be corrected automatically. Hence the test dialog (please compare to the one above) is not displayed:

The change is approved immediately. If you wish to check the address again, e.g. because the address appears to be out of date, then simply click on ‘address check’:

Switch back here to the overview of q.address for Microsoft Dynamics CRM or proceed to error tolerant address search.

*) The consolidation of q.address with the dialog displayed here is not to be mis-taken with the new consolidation function of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 for two existing addresses.