q.address - der Schlüssel zu mehr Datenqualität:
von der Bereinigung konventioneller Dateien
bis hin zur Überwachung Ihres CRM- oder ERP-Systems

Keywords: q.address Stand-alone, Integrations.


q.address is an approved, universal and powerful high performance product family. It allows to establish and to maintain highest address quality in files, databases, CRM-, marketing and ERP-systems. It covers a multitude of functions and solutions; accordingly the product spectrum is very wide. [ Video ]

The menus “Products” and “Functions” given below are matched:

The menu “Products” introduces the individual products. Thereby, a reference is made to the descriptions of the menu “Functions”.

The menu “Functions” describes the solutions and functions for the full product family.

Finally, the menu “Services” presents all data services.

Address quality is an indispensable basis of every good customer relationship and successful marketing. q.address helps you in maintaining your address quality at the high standard that you expect. q.address is an approved high-performance product line with a huge scope of functionality to establish and maintain address quality in files, databases and CRM-, Marketing- and ERP-Systems. With the help of applicable integrations (Add-ons) and numerous interfaces (APIs) q.address can be integrated in almost every application – definitely in yours as well.

One solution – Four ways to use

q.address Stand-alone checks and corrects addresses contained in files and databases. Also if you want to merge address files, filter for negative lists or import new addresses free of duplicates in your CRM system, q.address Stand-alone is your first choice. Furthermore with q.address Stand-alone you can add telephone numbers and commercial register information to your addresses and conduct data enrichment.   more…

q.address Integrations is available as add-on for many standard products: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), SAP application systems with FI, SD, CRM and many more. The add-ons will be installed quickly and smoothly and will be immediately ready for use. Once installed, they take care that new duplicates and other address errors do not occur in future.   more…

The q.address Quality Server is the common kernel of all products. Numerous interfaces are available for those who wish to integrate q.address in their applications, or in their products as software manufacturers (e.g. C/C++, C#, Java, Web-Services – refer to image).   more…

q.address Web-Services are especially compatible with almost all languages and development environments, in particular in complex system periphery as well (e.g. Internet with firewalls, special operating systems), and naturally in service-oriented architectures (SOA), the modern equivalent of conventional client/server architectures.   more…

q.address Quality Server is the kernel of all applications. It is the basis for q.address Stand-alone and also all the q.address Integrations depend on this. With the help of numerous interfaces (API) q.address can be integrated in almost every application – definitely in yours as well.

Comprehensive functionality

q.address provides following functions amongst others:

  • Address formatting
  • Duplicate checks
  • Address merging
  • Error-tolerant address search
  • Postal address validations national and international
  • Name check and salutation generations
  • Telephone number appending and inverse telephone number search (Germany)
  • Commercial register match
  • Plausibility check of bank accounts
  • Identification of junk-addresses

Note: Not all functions are supported by all product versions!

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