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q.address Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has developed to an approved solution for marketing, sales and customer management. q.address is the leading add-on that maintains the data quality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM at the high standard that you expect. As q.address monitors every change in the address inventory duplicates and errors in addresses and names are safely prevented. Hence the address quality is maintained in the CRM-System.

Duplicates- and Address check

The q.address add-on is integrated in all relevant CRM-Dialogs during installation and it monitors all the new address creations and address changes. If the tests give a correct result, then the user will not notice anything. If q.address locates an uncritical error in street name or in the postal code, then the error is corrected and the user is notified. Also in this case the users’ workflow is not interrupted.

Only in case an error is found, which should not be eliminated by q.address automatically, a new dialog opens and the user is requested to take action. The tolerance limit up to which q.address should operate automatically is configurable. Similarly possible duplicates are displayed. As a user you can then decide whether one of the displayed addresses actually is a duplicate.

In the case of a duplicate q.address merges the new address and the new collected data with the duplicate. That is convenient and saves you from re-entering data. Even in the complicated case that an inventory address was edited and q.address finds another inventory address as a duplicate, q.address provides a solution: Namely a user-friendly dialog for merging both inventory addresses, with all the information that is linked with these addresses. (For more on merging here…)

The operation of q.address is comfortable; usually the user does not even notice that q.address is running in the background. Find examples here: Screenshow…

q.address add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM takes care that addresses are checked comprehensively in case of every new creation and change, over and beyond also in case of address imports. Duplicates and errors in addresses and names are reliably prevented.

Error-tolerant search

It is often difficult to find addresses in the databases as the spelling of the name stored is not known. For example if the name “Estate Agency Mayr” is stored and you search for “Meier Real Estate”– without q.address – then the search may take many attempts!

q.address searches error-tolerant and also locates tricky cases. Phonetic errors such as Sibylle/Sybille, Meier/Meyer/Mayr or Cerni/Tscherny are only the fundamentals. Typing errors such as incorrect characters and jumbled letters or errors in addresses (incorrect postal codes or incorrectly written names of cities- and streets) are also located by q.address. Generally q.address will also smoothly locate abbreviations, changed order of words and acronyms which frequently appear in the business addresses: for instance “Estate Agency Mayr” instead of “Meier Real Estate”, or “CRB” instead of its original name “Consumer Research Body”. By the way, he search is fast as lightning!

The error-tolerant search should be accessible at every workstation to streamline (not only) day-to-day operations.  Screenshow…

Address imports, Batch test

Imported address lists can be checked in batch mode. Similarly it is recommended to check the entire database once in a while because in spite of all preventive measures and warnings, duplicates can never be eliminated entirely. Also postal codes, names, cities and streets change from time to time.

Also if an offline-client goes online again, addresses, which have been new created or changed should be checked because address checks are not possible during the offline-period.  Screenshow…


Many users extended Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Existing entities are often customized or new ones added. To allow q.address to check and to search error-tolerant for these changed and new entities, they have to be connected to q.address. In most cases this may be achieved by clear configuration measures only without the need to write a single line of program code. Furthermore for complicated cases q.address SDK is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM by which all the functions of the add-on may be utilized.


  • q.address Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • q.address Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • q.address SDK for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Technical pre-requisites

q.address is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, 4.0, CRM 2011 (5.0), and Microsoft Dynamics CRM online respectively – as far as available for MS CRM – as 32-bit- and 64-bit-version. q.address supports all client types (Web-Client, Outlook-Client, Internet-Client (IFD Internet Facing Deployment)) as well as several clients (multi-tenancy). The language interface can be changed easily (German and English). q.address is also used in complex system peripheries (Multiple Server Deployment with assigned CRM-Roles, CRM Server Farm with NLB, SQL Server Cluster, virtual server etc.).

The integration is done in complete accordance with the guidelines given by Microsoft: The integration is “Microsoft supported”. There are no conflicts in case Microsoft Dynamics CRM or q.address should be updated or uninstalled.

Examples of application (Screenshows & Videos)Anwendungsbeispiele (Screenshows & Videos)

Basic view

Collection and modification of addresses

Error-tolerant address search

Synchronization of offline-client

Overview (Video)