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q.address Integrations

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q.address Integrations

To maintain data quality in the address databases of your CRM-, marketing- and ERP-systems every access to address and every address change is to be monitored – generally the following:

  • New address creations and address changes by users amongst other in customer centers, call-centers and contract management
  • Automatic new address creations by synchronization processes (for example synchronization of your CRM-system with a ERP-system)
  • Address imports (address lists, orders from Internet-shops etc.)

As q.address monitors and checks each data change for accuracy, occurrence of new errors in the system is prevented (Data Quality Firewall).

q.address Quality Server is the basis for all integrations. In addition to ready-to-use add-ons for numerous standard products, there is a large number of inter-faces (APIs) with which q.address can be integrated in almost every application – definitely in yours as well.

CRM, ERP, Address Management

The following and other functions will be available for you if you integrate q.address in your applications, i.e. in your CRM-, marketing- and ERP-systems:

  • Duplicate checks  Info…
  • Error-tolerant address search  Info…
  • Postal address validations   Info…
  • Name check and salutation generationsNamensprüfungen und Anredegenerierungen   Info…

Thus new errors can be identified at the root and stand no chance.

At this point we would like to highlight the error-tolerant address search. Everyone who has worked with addresses knows how difficult it can be to retrieve address in the database. q.address searches error-tolerant and very fast. Error-tolerant search should be accessible at every workstation to streamline (not only) day-to-day operations   Info…

There are many ways to use q.address:

  • Ready-to-use integrations in standard products –

    Easily installable, ready-to-use add-ons for following products

    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM  more…
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)  more…
    • SAP application systems with FI, SD, CRM and many  more…
    • Numerous partner solutions: DIALOG (BDL GmbH), JTheseus (Tesla CRM Software GmbH), MFplus (EMPRISE Systemhaus GmbH, MFplus Service GmbH)
  • q.address Quality Server with numerous APIs for the integration of q.address-Functionality in individual applications:
    • Interfaces for all current program languages and development environments  more…
    • RFC-based interfaces for ABAP and Java  more…
    • Web-Services, based on SOAP  more…


Internet-based business models rely on correct customer addresses. But some customers leave behind faked addresses, in particular in case of charged online offers. The q.address Junk Filter identifies typical samples of junk addresses and filters them out. Duplicates are identified alongside and errors are corrected in address and salutatory address.

An individual API exists for identifying junk-addresses:

  • q.address API Junk-Addresses   more…

Further functionality

There are further functions which exist as API for integration in your applications (more):
  • Address enrichment with telephone numbers (Germany)
  • Inverse telephone number search (Germany)
  • Commercial register match (Germany)
  • Plausibility check of bank accounts

Basic cleansing

It is recommended for the addresses to undergo a basic data cleansing before the installation of q.address (basic cleansing).   more…

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