q.address – even better quality
in your address data bases and your CRM

Correct master data and marketing
addresses are absolutely essential for every
successful company


Duplicates are a major curse while working with addresses. q.address will automatically cleanse your data, merge your data duplicate free, correct your national and international addresses, generate the salutations, update your business addresses and phone numbers, and do so much more for you. Keep on reading!


We are happy to take care of projects, like deduplication, address cleansing, or to enrich your business addresses, etc. Further, we are glad to provide training sessions for you and your partners on how to use q.address, or to aid you with conceptualizing your projects! Keep on reading!


Use q.address as you wish: on-premises to check your addresses in various files and data bases, ready to use integrations for Microsoft Dynamics 365SAP and many more standard systems, or use the API to integrate our quality server in your own application.
Keep on reading!


You would like to personally get to know q.address? With our free demo version you can start right away, or ask for a free test version to directly test q.address against your data! Just give us a call:
+49 89 820 755 20

q.address Stand-alone

New, comfortable, very powerful

q.address Stand-alone 2019 is a consistent further development. The intuitive user interface reduces necessary efforts, and powerful functions have been added: like the collective processing of large cleansing projects, and the possibility to cleanse your data immediately in MS Dynamics 365