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Marketing and Sales
Best Address Quality with q.address

The value of good address quality cannot be overvalued. It is the indispensable foundation for any customer relation and successful marketing. q.address is the solution if you want to achieve a lot for your address quality with only a few mouse clicks! Incorrect addresses, duplicates and other issues for example with names and salutations stand no chance against q.address more...

Data quality with q.address

q.address product overview

Data Quality with q.address
For the Applications of Microsoft Dynamics and SAP

Ready to use integrations of q.address exist for many standard applications and partner products. Duplicates and mistakes are reliably prevented through extensive checks with each newly entered address and address change, as well as with each address import. This safeguards the necessary high address quality within the CRM system. more...

q.address Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

q.address Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)

q.address Add-on for SAP-applications

q.address Quality Server with ABAP- and Java-Interfaces

Deleting Duplicates Means Losing Information
Address Consolidation without Losing Data

The classic procedure for duplicate cleansing is selection: one address is selected which will survive (i.e. keeps on existing). All other duplicate addresses will be deleted – and with them all contained information. q.address is smarter: all information are kept, e.g. the first name from the first, the title from the second, and the telephone number from the third duplicate address.

Data consolidation with q.address Stand-alone

Data consolidation with q.address Add-on for Microsoft Dynamcis CRM

The Needle in the Haystack
Address Search Made Easy

Everyone who has worked with addresses knows how difficult it can get to retrieve an address from a database. For example if the name “Real Estate Agency Mayr” was filed but one searches for “Meier Real Estate” – then one might need a long time to find the address. q.address searches error tolerant and retrieves even the difficult cases. more...

Error tolerant address-search with q.address

Never Again Duplicates
Integration of q.address into your Applications

The best case is to prevent incorrect addresses and duplicates at the root. Integrate q.address into your CRM, sales, or ERP systems, then mistakes don’t stand a chance. q.address thoroughly checks each newly entered or changed address prior to entering or re-entering it into your address database. By this means q.address reliably shields incorrect or duplicate addresses. more...

q.address Integrationen

q.address Quality Server

Data Quality over the Internet
q.address Web-Services (SOAP)

Web-services are especially suitable if clients and servers are separated by long distances and are connected through the Internet/Intranet in service oriented architectures (SOA) and possibly are protected from one another by firewalls. Web-services facilitate highly flexible and portable applications. The q.address web-services rely on the open standard SOAP (HTTP, XML, WSDL, IIS or Apache), which reach almost all target platforms. We offer our q.address web-services also as ASP-solutions. more...

q.address Web-Services

q.address Quality Server

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